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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
HomeBusinessForeign investors are purchasing approximately 3.6 trillion won of Korean stocks

Foreign investors are purchasing approximately 3.6 trillion won of Korean stocks

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Foreign Stock Market | Image: Representative/ANI

Foreign investors have bought domestic stocks and bonds for 2 consecutive months due to expectations for the US Fed to scale back the pace of its interest rate hikes and higher sales performance of major companies.

According to the Bank of Korea (BOK)’s international financial and foreign exchange market report on the 9th, foreign investors purchased a net USD 2.74 billion in November.

Applying the won/dollar rate (1,318.8 won) as of the end of November, it is about 3.6135 trillion won.

The net inflow means that money that came into the Korean stock and bond market was more than the money that came out. Following October (USD 2.77 billion), net inflow continued for the second month.

In September, foreign investment recorded a net outflow (USD 2.29 billion).

By type of securities, the net inflow of foreigners’ stock investment was $2.1 billion in November. Foreign stock investment recorded a net inflow of USD 3.02 billion in August and a net outflow of USD 1.65 billion in September.

However, it recorded a net inflow for 2 straight months in November ($2.1 billion) following October (USD 2.49 billion). But the net inflow has decreased.

In November, foreign bond investment recorded a net inflow of USD 630 million.

Foreign bond investment recorded net outflow for two consecutive months in August (USD 1.31 billion) and September (USD 640 million). It turned into a net inflow in October (USD 280 million) and November (USD 683 million).

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