Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Govt washing hands over drought

As Mumbai and other parts of Marathwada is reeling under acute shortage of water, Apex Court is right in saying that the Government washing hands quoting drought situation is a rejoinder to other State Governments as well. The position is becoming highly volatile and proper steps ought to have been taken and not allowed the situation out of controls by taking remedial measures. Having watched the situation before and after the monsoon rains, we are now in a fix and people die because of the scarcity of the water.  The ecological system is causing number of climatic changes and the drought situation in Maharashtra is one such effect. However, that cannot cover the inefficiency of the Government. Similarly housing societies ought to have made alternate arrangements to meet the ticklish situation. After losing valuable time and not making up mind about rain water harvesting system or the use of borewell we face the music now. Apex Court attack is a valid one as the Government failed to have a disaster management plan as in the case of floods to meet the drought like situation in Maharashtra.


Calicut Krishnan Ramani

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