Friday, June 25, 2021
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Handwara killings in Kashmir

This refers to the Handwara killings in Kashmir. Riots don’t start by themselves. Police are there for handling molestation issues. Surprisingly all stone throwers and youth attacking security personnel are innocent. Day by day violence is getting increased in these areas claiming the lives of many innocent ones. The Army personnel position is very difficult. A series of incidents in recent months, most of them leaving a trail of questions and confounding serious observers of conflicts, is dragging the Kashmir Valley back into chaos. Killings in the state are not showing any signs to put an end. What we need is to perk up our intelligence set-up. We also need to win the support of the local population and make them a party to the peace initiative.

Vinod C. Dixit

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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