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India must wage own war against terror, says Shiv Sena

India must fight its own war against terror since the efforts against terrorism by the Western countries are limited to serving their own interests, the Shiv Sena said on Monday.

Referring to the 13/11 Paris terror strikes, the Shiv Sena said that the whole world has condemned the dastardly attacks in which 129 innocent lives were snuffed out.

“The question is – will merely such lip sympathy spell the end of terror in the world? A country like Pakistan – ‘which is a multinational company of terrorism’ – condemning the Paris attacks is indeed laughable,” the Sena said in an edit in the party mouthpiece Saamana on Monday.

It pointed out that India has been the biggest victim of terrorism in the past few years, but until the US and Europe are not attacked, they fail to understand “our anguish”.

“The US destroyed Iraq and killed Saddam Hussein for its own interests… Several countries like France had supported US then… France was a partner of US in that crime. It gave birth to a demon called ISIS which is now not sparing even Europe… this is the bitter truth,” the edit said.

Referring to ISIS, the Sena said the organisation has set its eyes on Kashmir and the manner in which its flags are raised there is “a matter of serious concern” in the wake of 13/11 Paris attacks.

In this connection, it pointed out how France and India are both grappling with “a fast growing Muslim population”, but while France is attempting to impose curbs, India is bowing before this phenomenon.

But for attempting to rein in the Muslim population, France has suffered by way of several terror strikes in the recent past, culminating in the most brutal hit since World War II last Friday – and ISIS has issued threats of more to come.

“It is high time Europe learns a lesson from 13/11 and unitedly make efforts to strike at the roots of global terror,” the edit said.

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