Monday, June 14, 2021
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Khadse got the axe

BJP and Modi are very strict and are not in a position to see the fall out of their minister in a land deal and he is the first senior party leader to lose the job in the last two years of rule by NDA. Khadse played into the hands of opposition and he has become BJP’s gain in their corrupt free rule in the State and the Centre.  It is right time for the BJP led government to show their effective way of controlling corruption and zero tolerance way of handling corrupt minister.  Khadse was initially tipped to be the Chief Minister of Maharashtra but landed as a Revenue Minister in the end. It is reliably learnt that the report of the Chief Minister brought pain to Khadse and now he is in a fix. This decision may be considered by other sceptics and felt that the electorate might just call its bluff but the BJP in Maharashtra received a rude shock. Khadse’s illustrious rise and fall is history and a lesson for other corrupt ministers to be vigilant all the time and it is very difficult to escape from the eyes of PM Modi for all the wrongdoings. He got the axe despite the fact that he was the de factor number two in the cabinet.

R.S. Gopalan

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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