Loan waiver is not the only option for farmers


It is necessary to conduct a study about what prompts a farmer to avail credit for cultivation says Fadnavis.

farmersMaharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis attacked the erstwhile Democratic Front government for the rising farmer suicides during the monsoon session of the state legislature. According to him, even though the Democratic Front government ruled the state for the past 15 years but they failed to address the problems faced by farmers. Fadnavis said that the opposition is raising the farmer’s issues now for gaining political mileage out of it. He also added that they were least bothered about the problems of farmers.

“Debt relief is not the only option for addressing the farmer’s issues. It is necessary to conduct a study about what prompts a farmer to avail credit for cultivation. Even though the Democratic government had waived of farmers debts in the year 2009 but how many of them derived benefit out of it. It has been observed that farmer suicides continued to rise. The former government was anti-farmer” said Fadnavis.

Fadnavis said that even though there is a widespread network of co-operative banks in Maharashtra but farmers are being denied crop loans. The CM also clarified that he never said that the government won’t waive farm loans. The opposition had attacked the state government over this issue. They had held demonstrations in various parts of the state in support of their demand for farm loan waiver.

Fadnavis said that farmers don’t benefit from the loan waiver schemes. Out of 60 lakh farmers only 35 lakhs received the benefit while the remaining 25 lakh farmers didn’t receive any benefit. After offering loan waiver to farmers they must take steps to ensure that they should not be in a position to apply for loan once again.

“It is necessary to provide credit to farmers who are debt ridden due to crop failure. Strict action will be taken against banks for failing to disburse crop loans to farmers” he added.

The state government is planning to set up a fodder depot to help farmers. There is a proposal to transfer 60 crores directly into the account of farmers. The government will construct fodder depot if the rainfall is deficient. Fadnavis said that the problems of farmers cannot be resolved merely by offering debt waiver to them and the situation needs to be monitored regularly. He said that efforts must be taken to increase agricultural productivity and farm credit.

Around 9614 farmers committed suicide during the period of 2009 to 2014. 25 lakh farmers didn’t receive any benefit from the farm loan waiver scheme. The democratic front government had offered financial assistance to money lending institutions instead of farmers. The state received 55 per cent rains from June 1 to July 20.