Sunday, September 19, 2021
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MNS paves the way

MNS party made a mark in making film-makers of movies with Pakistan artists with a master plan of paying Rs. 5 crores to army welfare fund and thereby saving the face of Maharashtra government. Thus Raj Thackeray calls of protest and it is a timely decision. The Bollywood producers agreed not to hire Pakistani artistes in the future, giving in to the MNS demands, which had threatened to block the films. The way to democratic compromise was criticised and the CM drew flak from several quarters for endorsing such a move. The ways and means of tackling a ticklish issue came for criticism by the CM finds no way to lead a neutral path and thereby reduced the tension prevailing in the Metro city. People view the move as an insult and calling for Army Welfare Fund is considered as an extortion issue in the eye of the public. Thus MNS paves the way for a peaceful solution to the pressing problem.

Nickil Akhilesh Krishnan

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