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Modi has not done any favour my father’s Personality forced him

A year after Gopinath Munde’s death his daughter Pankaja makes shocking revelations against Modi government.

PankajaRural Development Minister Pankaja Munde has dropped bombshell on BJP (which is making political capital of Munde’s death) by disclosing that “Modi had not included Munde; in the first list of central ministers. Disappointed Munde called Pankaja to inform her that “he has missed it and would return once oath ceremony of other ministers is over”. However, later Modi changed his mind and on the condition that “once Munde joins central ministry, he would not claim CM’s post in Maharashtra. Modi included him; clearing way for his choice to post of Maharashtra CM.

“When (it was assumed) he (Munde) would not be made minister, he called me … and said he did not think all was well as far as the ministerial berth was concerned. It is not my nature to go to anyone. “Pankaja said.

“He (Munde) had made up his mind to such an extent,” she said, speaking at a commemorative event ‘Jagar Athavanincha’ at Aurangabad in Marathwada region.

This incident exposes how Munde when alive was dumped by BJP but now the party pays rich tributes to him. Since Pankaja is going through a phase of personal humiliation and political ‘cut to size’ process; that is why she is presented on BJP dais but not ‘respected’ the way she should have been as a competent minister and daughter of Munde’. She is unhappy with the BJP for sidelining her.

“He (Munde) was one with such a stature that even Modi had to change the decision,” said Pankaja, the rural affairs minister in the Devendra Fadnavis-led state government.

“Modiji didn’t want to take a bad decision. He may have wanted to declare him (Munde) as the chief ministerial candidate the next day,” she said.

“But he (Modi) felt the need to allot him ministerial berth … Modiji had the maturity to think that if Munde is not inducted in the Cabinet, Maharashtra will look at the swearing in (of the Union Cabinet) in a different manner,” Pankaja said.

Munde, then Union rural development minister and a popular backward class leader from Maharashtra, died after a road accident in Delhi on June 3 last year.

After the assembly polls, Pankaja too was eyeing the chief ministerial post and issued statements regarding the same in media much to the dismay of senior BJP leaders. They felt that Pankaja is not matured enough to hold the Chief Minister’s post and she needs to work at the grassroots level first and gain political experience. Later, Pankaja took a U turn and said that she never claimed herself to be the CM of Maharashtra and added that she will work for the development of the party in the state. During that time, Devendra Fadnavis who was the contender for the Chief Ministerial post said that there were no frontrunners in the party and the Legislative Party and Parliamentary Board takes all vital decisions.

Pankaja said that some people have been trying to tarnish her image and make negative propaganda against her. She said that her father had faced similar attacks, but he stood, struggled and fought against all odds, adding that “I will struggle too”.

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