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MP launches awareness campaign on Deemed Conveyance

GopalMP Gopal Shetty launched a campaign to make aware house owners about Deemed Conveyance and facilitate them in obtaining the same from the authorities concerned.

Grant of Deemed Conveyance arms housing societies with title rights to the land on which the building is developed.

Shetty, along with Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association (MSWA), as part of the campaign launched a van and a helpline number.

The van will visit various places across the city and make dwellers aware about deemed conveyance and issues surrounding it and educate them on seeking it.

“Lakhs of flat owners have spent their hard earned money to buy flats in societies and have shelled out huge sum for paying stamp duty and registration fee. Despite all this, if societies are not given the title of the land, it is sheer injustice meted out to flat owners,” said Shetty.

The MP from North Mumbai constituency said granting deemed conveyance can be done without spending a single penny on behalf of the government.

Till the grant of deemed conveyance, right on the land (of building) remains with the builder. In such cases, housing societies are left helpless to go for redevelopment.

“Builders have unholy nexus with government officials, who play a negative role in the grant processes. If this continues under BJP’s term as well, then whom the common people believe,” the leader said.

Meanwhile, MSWA spokesperson Sunil Sharma, when asked on the hurdles faced in the grant procedures, said, “Stamp duty authority does not accept the transfer deed for Stamp Duty, stating reasons like building has not got OC (occupation certificate) or CC (Commencement Certificate) etc and society office bearers have to run pillar to post for no fault of theirs.”

The Deemed Conveyance law was passed through an amendment made in the Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act 1963 (MOFA) by the state government.

It has been implemented in Maharashtra from the year 2010 to grant Deemed conveyance to the societies, but lakhs of flat owners across the state have alleged that due to the tedious process, this amendment have become a sham only and societies are yet to get justice.

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