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Mumbai designer stitches special suit for PM-Designate Modi

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designer-modiA Mumbai based designer has perfected a special suit for the Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi and hopes that Modi will wear it on his swearing -in ceremony which will take place in New Delhi.
“I have made one Jodhpuri suit for Modi, which has two sleeveless jackets. It also has hand-crafted buttons with the BJP’s logo in it,” designer Sai Suman said.
Suman said the suit is prepared keeping in mind Modi’s preferences of colour and clothes material.
Suman struck the idea of designing the suit for Modi while doing a fashion show in Sydney. She said she had a hunch that Modi will win elections and become Prime Minister.
“While I was doing a fashion show in Sydney, I got a strong feeling that Modiji would win these elections. I then immediately flew down to Mumbai and began my work of crafting a special suit for him so that I could gift it to him personally before his oath-taking ceremony day,” Suman said.
She expressed confidence that the suit will perfectly fit Modi because she has been observing his attire since a long time.
“I have been noticing Modiji since very long time. I have keenly noticed the different colours and styles that he uses in his clothes. I hope that I get to gift him these clothes before the ceremony as he would look best in my specially designed clothes,” Suman said.
To a query on what she feels about Modi, the designer said, “Modi is a perfect example of nothing-is-impossible attitude. Modiji is a style icon for the youths, who has the power to influence the young generation,” Suman said.
“When we talk of politics, only bland colours come to our mind, but Modiji is an exception as he is the only politician who experiments with vibrant colours in his attire.
I am sure that the colours I have used in making these clothes for him would further enhance his persona among the masses,” Suman added.

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