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Narendra Modi will use ‘Tezaab’ if Muslims don’t vote for him: Azam Khan

azam-khanLaunching a direct attack on Narendra Modi over his repeated assertion that there have been no riots in Gujarat in the last ten years, Samajwadi Party’s Muslim face and Uttar Pradesh Minister Azam Khan on Monday said that Muslims vote out of fear for him in his state.

“How can there be riots in Gujarat? How will they (Muslims) not vote for Modi – otherwise, wouldn’t they be burnt with Tezaab (acid). Where will they go then? If they have to live in Gujarat they will have to vote (in favour of Modi).”

“He (Modi) will turn the whole country into Gujarat,” Khan, the Minister of Minorities and Urban Development, added.

It is not the first time that Khan has trained his guns on Modi over the 2002 Gujarat riots.

“An assassin of humanity cannot become Prime Minister of India,” he had said, while accusing Modi of pursuing divisive politics.

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