Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Narsingh Yadav fails dope test

Another controversial chapter opens in Indian wrestling as the much in news Narsingh Yadav flunks dope test and sees conspiracy in the whole episode. He had to fight a bitter battle to clear his name for selection to the Rio Olympics as famed wrestler Sushil Kumar even went to the Supreme Court to abort his selection which gives some weight to the conspiracy theory. Also, the banned drug methandienone found in his samples is infact consumed by athletes for performance enhancement. It actually does not benefit wrestlers but on the contrary works against their game as it increases body weight which results in poor performance. The failed dope test though comes as a shock and the government should order a top level inquiry in the entire controversial matter at the earliest. Otherwise we may fail to win a single medal at the Olympics but such episodes is bad for sports and also spoils the nation’s name in international sports. Narsingh Yadav has never failed a dope test before and let us hope that the conspiracy theory is indeed true. He could still make it to the Rio Olympics and those responsible if any in this murkier incident are punished!

S.N. Kabra

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