Monday, August 2, 2021
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National spirit should come automatically

As the nation celebrated its 70th Independence Day, flags were hoisted and national anthem was sung all over India. Sweets were distributed and cultural events held, many programs on TV gained high TRPs. I have resolved to ensure that I will follow traffic rules and road discipline with utmost sincerity from today. I will not jump signals, will not violate on lanes, follow road signals, not drive through one ways, not only when a cop is around but also when none is there. True sense of freedom is realised when we enjoy it responsibly. The national flag is the symbol of India’s sovereignty.  It is quite imperative that all the residents of India should respect the National Flag.  Further, the Union Ministry in its notification, had instructed citizens to refrain from using plastic flags.  As a keen follower of Gandhian Policy I picked few flags on the street and kept it as a souvenir.  It is also quite imperative to stand in silence for the National Anthem.  This is my clarion call.

Calicut Krishnan

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