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Nirupam knows it all?

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Congress is widely humiliated by its own mouthpiece in Maharashtra featuring articles that have quizzed Jawaharlal Nehru, the party’s biggest icon, and also made controversial comments on Sonia Gandhi. Though the article does not bear the name of the writer, has been published in this month’s issue of ‘Congress Darshan’ Hindi edition as a tribute piece to mark Patel’s death anniversary on December 15. While Mumbai Congress chief and the journal’s editor Sanjay Nirupam, who is also Mumbai Congress Chief, has taken the blame for the articles, his loyalists complained that his detractors had deliberately leaked the matter to the press to target him.

However, the source from the Congress Darshan magazine said on the condition of anonymity, that it’s Nirupam who wrote the article, as he is former editor of Hindi Saamna and his language of Hindi is way ahead of Sudhir Joshi. You can make out the language of the write up after reading it. Though, Nirupam apologise but he is feeling stuck in Congress party and he is making mood to join right wing political party.”

“Congress is going through bad phase right now; Nirupam is seeing no political future here. With this type of stunt, he is trying to gain some attention from rival parties and at some extend he has succeeded in it,” added the source.

Editorial board member and party leader Bhushan Patil informed that the journal’s editor Sudhir Joshi had been sacked. Nirupam, also said that he had plans to revamp the editorial board and would personally monitor the editorial content published in Congress Darshan.

In a huge embarrassment for the Congress on its Foundation Day, articles in its mouthpiece on Monday criticized Jawaharlal Nehru’s policy on Kashmir, and alleged that Sonia Gandhi’s father was a “fascist soldier”, leaving the party squirming. Congress Darshan refers to the allegation that Sonia Gandhi’s father was a member of the Italian fascists that lost to the Russians in the World War.

“Sonia Gandhi’s father Stephano Maino was a former fascist soldier,” it alleged.

When AV asked strong Congress supporter, Sumit Kashyap Jha about the article he said, “Though, I haven’t gone through the magazine article it doesn’t matter. Sonia father’s past shouldn’t be an issue to ponder upon at the far end of her career. She has done enough on her own in last 45 years in India and in 18 years of public life. What here matters is her conduct, her ideas, her policies, not what her father did years ago. At that time, almost everyone in Germany and Italy supported people like Hitler and Musolini. This is not something which we have to worry about.”

“If you want to blame Sonia Gandhi for her father’s deeds then why you people are not giving credit to Rahul Gandhi for deeds that his grandfather helped in freedom struggle. If Rahul Gandhi is not responsible for throwing away British Empire from India then why even care what Sonia Gandhi’s father did, either good thing or bad thing,” he added.

Nayan Chandra, a BJP supporter and businessman said, “Now, Congress mouthpiece is blaming on Nehru and Gandhi family. Why should they tender apologize for facts? What has been published are mere extracts from old documents! Is this not sycophancy and intolerance of the highest order? Moreover, these facts brought uselessness of Nehru as a prime minister in open. Congress manipulated the history, made villains as heroes and freedom fighters and true nationalists as villains.

While senior advocate and NCP leader Majid Memon applauded Sonia’s longest presidentship, he said “Sonia has successfully run Manmohan Singh Government for about ten years.”

In answer to Memon’s comments Senior Lawyer Vandana Shah said, “Mr. Memon is saying that Sonia has successfully run Manmohan Singh’s Government for about ten years. I want to ask him how much is this statement true?  Mr. Memon’s party was formed because they don’t wanted dynasty in politics and they ruled with Congress for fifteen long years.”

Gautam Korde, a freelance journalist said, “Finally, Congress has revealed the ugly and dirty face of the Gandhi’s family. Its own mouthpiece have unveiled from Great Grandpa, Grandpa, the father, the mother, the mother in law, the son, the son in law. This gang is responsible for all the ills of India and its people. They have hijacked the sacred name of the great Mahatma and cheated the simple people of India.”

Afternoon Voice contacted many Congress leaders but they refuses to comment on this issue.

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