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No sign missing Malaysian jet was on a 9/11 type attack: Khurshid

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While there are some reports that the missing Malaysian jet MH 370 was headed for a 9/11 style attack on India, Minister of External Affairs Salman Khurshid has said that India had not got any indications as yet for such an attack. “I don’t think we have gone so far. Security agencies would look at all possibilities,” he said.

However, he maintained that the security agencies will probe all angles assuring that India will put in all its efforts to help in the rescue operation. “We will give them the essential just give them the back up that they need in terms of man power, vessels, equipment. India did provide the largest number of ships and other vessels. We will continue to do so to the best of our abilities, but the operation will be led by them,” he said.

“First it was focus area which was sea searching and rescue mission, they then expanded it with more information. They looked at different trajectories. Finally they have concluded that the search should also be west wards which is over the Indian ocean,” he said speaking about the rescue operation.
Meanwhile, the Malaysian authorities have confirmed that the pilot spoke to air traffic control after a signalling system was disabled on the jet, without referring to any trouble. This comes even as suspicions grow of possible pilot complicity and fears of a possible hijack.

The Malaysian PM had on Sunday hinted at foul play saying someone probably deliberately diverted the plane from its flight path from Kuala Lampur to Beijing. A member of the Royal Malaysian Police has confirmed that a flight simulator was recovered from the flight captain’s home. The simulator is being analysed by experts.

Malaysia has asked India for technical assistance on corroborating possible flight.

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