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No water, no tax

Mira Road residents ask local leaders to refrain from politicising water scarcity issue.


Several regions of Maharashtra are witnessing severe drought as Section 144 has been imposed in Latur district for preventing the assembly of more than five persons near wells and water tankers to avert law and order problem. The order issued by District Collector has been criticised by corporators and opposition parties. On the other hand, many areas in Mumbai and suburbs too is facing acute water shortage. Mira Road is one such satellite town of the city where people are undergoing massive hardships due to water scarcity. The distant suburb which had earlier received water after 36 hours is now receiving it after 48 hours. Therefore people have to rely on water tankers and pay exorbitant money for purchasing water. Citizens are unhappy with the Mira-Bhayander Municipal Corporation for failing to resolve the water scarcity issue.

Residents of Shrusti Complex, Shanti Garden have urged local leaders to refrain from politicising the water shortage issue. They had held a dharna to highlight this issue at Ram Nagar. They said that water is a fundamental right of every citizen and if politicians are unable to take steps for augmenting water supply then they should resign from their post. Residents also said that politicians should feel ashamed about themselves for politicising the water scarcity problem faced by Mira Road. They said that politicians are hand in glove with the tanker mafia. Vasudev Shirvalkar intervened and assured residents about addressing their grievances.

Sarkar Haider a banker said, “Politicians who only approach them during election and after getting elected put the water shortage matter on the backburner. Mira Road has been witnessing water scarcity problem since last 20 to 25 years. However nobody is bothered about resolving this issue.”

Atul Gadkari, advertising executive said, “We have to depend on tankers for fulfilling our daily water needs. A tanker of water that was available for Rs 400 earlier is now being sold for Rs 1,600. How can citizens afford to pay such high prices for purchasing water? Why should we pay water bill when we don’t get adequate water supply? Politicians are only interested in politicising this matter and only give lip-service to people.”

Naresh Sharma, a Mira Road resident said, “Why should we pay taxes to the municipal corporation when they are unable to provide us water? Citizens should become proactive and hold the civic body accountable for its actions. Monsoon is three months away and already Mira Road residents are facing water scarcity issues. The government should seriously think about this issue else citizens may hold protests and we may face law and order issues.”

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