Monday, August 2, 2021
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Noise pollution during festivals

This Ganpati festival saw the noise levels reaching a new high and the people in the Metro will have to bear the noise level reaching further up during Diwali festival. Another major urban pollutant in cities during festivities is noise pollution, which may be defined as displeasing human sound that disrupts the activity or happiness of other humans in a city. Roadway noise is the collective sound energy emanation from motor vehicles. In a growing city, roadways noise contributes largely to the total societal noise pollution.  A car can reach up to 85 decibels, while the noise levels at railway stations can reach up to an average of 110 decibels. This year’s Ganpati Festival saw the noise level reaching 120 decibels the highest so far in the recent years. A person exposed to such noise for a long time may grow deaf.  Those who live in cities are affected by several ailments that include vegetative vascular dystonia, heart failure, dyspepsia and headaches. Ganpati festival is followed by Dusshera and Diwali as well. There is no respite from noise levels in all the three Hindu festivals. Noise levels touch a new high during Diwali. But slowly and steadily people are working on Eco-friendly festivals and that is good news. The message ahead of the festive season is to have a concern for Senior Citizens, patients staying in hospitals/residential areas and children.  Ones enjoyment should not become a cause of concern for others. Let us have a save festival season as well. That is my clarion call also.

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