Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Pandemonium continues

Attack and counter attack continues on the demonetisation front and the people are wondering whether the measure will yield any result in a country like India.  Citizens only know to criticise the ruling party. BJP was doing the same when Congress was in power and now Congress is returning the compliments.  Parliament paralysis saw that the main opposition disrupting the parliamentary democracy and thereby becoming a laughing stock all the time. The Congress party under Rahul Gandhi is an ineffective opposition as he could not express properly and generally follow other parties rather than dictate terms of his own.  In the process, the dirty linen is washed in public. Apply restraint, interact with the ruling party carefully and gather strength to find out amicable solution to make things go in favour so that you can win the people’s votes rather than boycotting parliament or protesting all the time. With the result the pandemonium continues and there is no concrete solution to make the demonetisation a success from the opposition.


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