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Rahul’s mails nail Peter Mukerjea’s involvement in Sheena Bora murder case?

Rahul-and-seenaIn a new twist, in the sensational Sheena Bora murder case, it has been revealed that Rahul Mukerjea supposedly wrote a mail to his father Peter which may have nailed the former media tycoon.

Rahul also mailed to his step-mother Indrani.

This was apparently after he got suspicious that Sheena had stopped her activity on Facebook.

Rahul reportedly stated in his e-mails that he had a feeling that Sheena was missing and his mails might have helped the Central Bureau of Investigation to nail Peter Mukerjea in the high-profile murder case.

“No Facebook activity, she is usually very active leaving comments and post for her friends the 21st April. Then there are the dodgy (contradictory) texts I receive on the 25th April, but no confirmation,” the e-mail reads.

“It has been more than one month now and I am sure that your are aware that I have still not heard from Sheena herself. The text message that I receive from her cellphone on 25th April expressing her desire to discontinue our relationship,” it adds.

“I can deal with a break-up myself, but this seems more like a missing persons. There may be more trouble ahead. I cannot fully accept as in the past there was instance where I had received text message from you pretending to be Pete (papa) while I was speaking to him on the phone. I have sort a legal advice in this situation and have been advised that circumstances surrounding her disappearance are characteristic of something untoward,” the e-mail further adds.

“If report goes to public domain it will raise a lot of question for lot of people. I have sort legal advice, advised that circumstances surrounding her disappearance are characteristic of something untoward. Even Sheena work place believes signature on resignation letter forged,” Rahul wrote.

Replying to Rahul, the report quotes Peter as following, “I maintain my earlier position that Sheena is free and if anyone asks you about her ask them to call Indrani they are really concerned, maybe they will feel more relaxed after that. Obviously she is clearly not keen to have anyone be in touch with her or that she is in touch with those that she wants to be in touch with. I do not see Mikhail or her folks in Guwahati getting stressed about her whereabouts. She texted you and me and Indrani back in April on the 25th and then she obviously either gone off to change everything – her Facebook page, her Skype ID and her phone number too. And when she wishes to come out in the open I guess she will. I think you are wasting your time in worrying about her. In last month if she wanted to get in touch with you she would have but you have to assume that she does not. If her so called father and friends are so concerned that why do they not call Indrani and other people particularly.”

“If you are telling them if you have no other idea, what else can I say. She has played you and now gone to something else. If I were you and have told you this just leave it and get with your life. If she wants to get in touch with you she will one day. Sometime whenever why drive yourself self into futility. If anyone needs to find out about her and calls you ask them to speak or e-mail to Indrani. May be she will be able to satisfy them that she is fine and need not worry,” the further adds.

Earlier, CBI had questioned Rahul, who handed over several documents allegedly used by Sheena Bora to ‘blackmail’ her mother Indrani Mukerjea, who is accused of murdering her.

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