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Road accidents cause alarm bells

It is reliably learnt that seventeen people die every hour in road accidents in India and that is of alarming proportion. Indian roads are one of the deadliest in the world and the statistics in the year 2013 speaks volume on the serious on road accidents. Over 1,37,000 people were killed in road accidents in 2013 alone, that is more than the number of people killed in all our wars put together.  This gives a clear indication that one person is dead in 3.5 minutes and at least 400 in a day in the latest government data reveals. Road safety experts also warn that the real numbers of fatalities could be much higher since many cases are not even reported. There is no estimate as to how many people injured in road accidents die a few hours or days after the accident. And their deaths are then no longer linked to road traffic accidents. The findings clearly reveals that there is no proper education about road discipline and the knowledge to follow road rules. Punishment for breaking driving rules is not severe. Penalty levied is like a peanut and the people are ready to pay and get themselves cleared off even serious traffic offences. No one will agree that all road accidents are due to drunk drivers. A recent report and all the major points mentioned in the report clarified that majority of the accidents are due to poor infrastructure. Road accidents in Indian roads are causing alarm bells and the motorists risk their lives.

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