Road repair scam


Road scam continues to give nightmare to the road users and it is taking heavy toll on human lives also due to series of accidents involving pot holes and craters. The main problem with the BMC is that they do stop gap work and none of the work undertaken on the eve of monsoon rains appears half done and requires recurrence of repairs during the wet months. The road contractors flourish but the roads reflect poor picture of the spade work done in this regard.  It is notable that the potholes have been surfaced on flyover, water logging observed in subways and craters found in Expressway all lead to the misery of motorists.  It is very difficult to navigate through this corridor and find an easy way to reach office or home. Road users travel through high risk pockets and the traffic police is trying to plug the holes whereas the contractors continue to do substandard work and receive their pay packet without an objection. Road scam is posing a greater risk in the daily lives of residents in the city.

Nickhil Krishnan Mani

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)