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A sad send off

It was a sad scene of send of as the bodies of the 50 players, coaches and staff from a Brazilian team tragically wiped out in a plane crash in Colombia arrived home for a massive funeral.  As the bodies passed through the red carpet for the final farewell, fireworks lit up the sky over the stadium in Chapeco as Brazilian Air Force planes touched down at the southern city’s airport in pouring rain.  It was a pathetic scene as the relatives thronged the stadium for the final look.  The small city is witnessing a funeral in honour of its team Chapecoense Real, cut down at the height of its glory. The unsung club was having a fairytale season until the tragic plane crash claimed lives of majority of its players. The plane flying high ran out of fuel and smashed into the mountains and that saw the end of glory of an aspiring young side. The team was lighting up the pitch 10 days back and now the hopes were dashed to the dust for one last time. RIP – football players, officials, staff and coaches from Chapecoense Real.

Nickhil Mani

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