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SC rejects petition seeking common syllabus for all boards

The Supreme Court on Thursday refused to entertain a petition seeking common syllabus and curriculum across all education boards.

The petition filed by Neeta Upadhyay, who is an assistant teacher at a Primary School in Ghaziabad, sought a common education system, meaning common syllabus and common curriculum for all children aged 6 to 14 years.

Her petition alleged that the education system does not provide equal opportunities to everyone.

“In expounding the Constitution to meet the requirements of Articles 21A read with Articles 14, 15, 16, 38(2), 39(f), 46 & 51A, measures such as a common education system viz. common syllabus and a common curriculum is a necessity. It would enable every child to be placed on a level playing field for the challenges of the future and meaningfully contribute in achieving the great golden goals as set out in the Preamble,” said the petition.

The petition further asked the Centre to establish a “One Nation One Education Board” system, in substitution of the existing multi-board system.

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