Social media demands harsh punishment for Nitin Shirke’s suicide abettors


Nitin Shirke a reporter working with IBN channel committed suicide by jumping in front of a local train at Lower Parel. As per prima facie, the accused had taken this drastic step due to failed relationship. Prior to committing suicide, Shirke had posted a suicide note on his facebook page and held a couple responsible for his death. His friends tried to contact him on his phone but in vain.

In his suicide post Shirke mentioned, “The person responsible for my deth is suvarna vasant joshi and prasad me stri suvarna used me for 3 years by saying she loves ne which was a big lie she loved manoj gadnis n now prasad for whom shi is liking me after using all of me plz punish such kind of ppl plz.”

Shirke’s senior also posted a message on his facebook timeline but he received no response. Nitin’s facebook friend and news presenter from another news channel Rajkamal Deshpande also had posted message on his timeline to dissuade him from ending his life. He posted, “Nitin be strong, try and forgive everyone have a big heart your life is precious”.

Nitin’s friends on social media were shocked after learning about the suicide incident. They demanded stringent punishment for the girl who cheated and abetted him to commit suicide. Meanwhile as of now, the police have recorded a case of accidental death.

An officer from Mumbai Central GRP said “We will be making inquiries with Shirke’s family as well as the couple mentioned in the note before arriving at any conclusion,”
Shirke’s very close friend spoke to AV on the condition of anonymity and said, “Nitin had to undergo severe depression due to that girl. She was cheating him from a long period of time.

He even confronted her but she denied about her affair. He felt conned by all means. Nitin was very sensitive person and he loved that girl and was willing to sacrifice everything for her.”

Usha S. Shrivastava, a Public relation manager, posted on his social media account, “You left your loving parents and siblings just for that cheap girl who might be a black spot for her own family. But your decision pertaining to committing suicide has completely broken your family.

How could someone in your life be so important who had met you some time back that you left those parents who bought you in this world. I can only pray to God to give strength to your parents and family members to bear this big loss. May God keep you safe in his arms and your soul rest in peace.”