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Students blame DY Patil for suicide attempt

D Y Patil Medical University, Mauritius is not authorized to issue medical degrees says, survey report.

DY-Patil-LeadUncertainty looms over the career of students studying in Dr DY Patil Medical University, Mauritius as the degrees issued by the institution aren’t recognised. Students who had taken admission in the college by paying lumpsum amount are now worried about their future as their degrees doesn’t have any value. No decision has been taken for granting recognition to the degree. The Minister of Education and Higher Education Leela Devi-Dookun Luchoomun announced that Dr DY Patil College won’t be permitted to recruit students for courses leading to a Bachelor in Medicine / Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS). Students have sought government intervention and have forwarded a letter to the Prime Minister’s office.

Sayeeda Narmeen a student of Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College attempted suicide, after the college asked her to return to India as soon as possible. She held D.Y Patil Medical University and its management responsible in the suicide note written by her.

Later, Sayeeda was admitted to Victoria Hospital where her condition is said to be stable. Her father, Afsar Narmeen said, “We were called by the DY Patil management in their Mumbai, headquarters, but after we reached in the city the management remained inaccessible.”

After a formal notice was served to the management of the medical college by two Indian students, Sajay Alias and Harris Joy Verghese and investigation has been ordered for probing the irregularities. These students criticized the quality of courses offered by the college and termed it as “illegal”.

The Medical Council (MC) came to explaining the load does not recognize the ‘Awarding Body’ DY Patil is the University of Technology Mauritius (UTM).
They conducted a survey to find some shortcomings in terms of specialization and courses offered.

“The Health Minister has maintained that it is the authorities concerned, including the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) and the Medical Council to take a final decision in our case. He wanted to hear about our complaints and requested more information from his officers pertaining to this matter,” said Dr. Yassin Hamuth, vice president of students association.

The direction of the Medical Council has not received any letter of certification from the Department of Health and TEC for the recognition of their diplomas. The parents are now planning to file a complaint with the police.

Dr. Yasine Hamuth said, “Unfortunately, it is unclear, since the meeting was inconclusive. But strangely, it was reported at the meeting that the President of Medical Council has never received correspondence from the ministry and the TEC, in particular the recommendations of the Fact-Finding Committee.”

Dr DY Patil is accused of owning these three institutions which has failed to rigorously monitor compliance with the agreements signed with DY Patil Worldwide Ltd. In 2010, the D. Y. Patil had began providing specialized courses. through a public-private partnership. The students were supposed to join the clinical training at the hospital Jawarharlal Nehru Rose-Belle.

“The authorities have failed to resolve this issue. I hope the Government will regulate this establishment whose headquarters is located in the Altima Building in Ebony,” said Raj Bappoo former director of DY Patil College.

Yashine Hammuth, who was supposed to complete his course in July said, “All of us appeared for the examination. The consultants had “counter signed”, the letter forwarded by us to the Ministry of Education. I do not know what happened after that. Dr DY Patil Medical College had been treated as “bogus institution.”

Students had paid 2.4 lakh rupees for seeking admission in the DY Patil medical college. Those who have availed loans have to repay more than Rs 5 lakhs. Their degree is still not recognized.

Four students accompanied by Atma Shanto, president of the Federation of United Workers, filed a letter to the Prime Minister’s office.

They are about forty aspirants’ specialists concerned with this problem of non-recognition of their degree of specialization. A student who will complete his course in July 2015 is not sure whether he can practice as a specialist. He had availed a loan of Rs 2.4 lakhs for education.

A doctor who graduated in 2013 said, “I had little choice but to practice as a general practitioner in private institution. I do not receive a fixed salary. Since many general practitioners are practising hence it becomes difficult to gain reputation.”

The parent of another physician who is unemployed said, “I have 35-year career in the Public Service. I don’t earn heavy pay packet to support my family as my daughter aspired to become a doctor. Today, I no longer work but have to repay the loan availed by me for my daughter’s education.”

“Provide us an opportunity to earn our livelihood. Our career has been affected. Test our skills. Grant us the right to practice as a specialist. Otherwise, we are ready to continue our training for further evaluation,” said one of the students.

When we contacted the DY Patil management official Vijay Wadgule he refuted all the allegation made against the institution as baseless. He also said that no student had attempted suicide.

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