Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Tantalizing game of T-20 cricket

This New Zealand team under the young and brilliant Kane Williamson are world beaters indeed. Take notice India who have won one game and was defeated in the other by 47 runs. The team was beaten squarely to the pulp by your own Indian rope trick, the turning ball, by New Zealand and still face ouster despite a morale boosting win. And for West Indies the Gayle storm is so powerful it is blowing every team away on its way. Very interesting plots are developing and India seems to be lagging behind in net run rate in the cross hairs. Wait with bated breath for a semi-final berth. Chasing a massive score of 230, England outclassed South Africa with two balls to spare. What an interesting match it was? We all enjoyed the run riot in Mumbai. England really showed their prowess that they are the originals who invented this game by beating South Africa. The professional approach was there in a do or die game. Both J. Roy and J Root deserve great appreciation. Thus, this was the highest ever run chase at a run rate of 8.00+ in any international cricket match in 139 years of international cricket history. It is also for the first time ever that a team registering 8.75+ run rate in two consecutive International Innings and that too in the same venue (Wankhede). England absolutely smashed the record for the highest chase at the World Cup T-20 with their effort against South Africa. We might see even a bigger chase before the end of the tournament? And the team lacking in positive approach will pay high price for being out of the tournament.

 S. Akhilesh Krishnan

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