Friday, June 25, 2021
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Testing time

The ongoing war on demonetisation touched thirteenth day and there is no relief to people as politicians played vote bank politics when people were suffering on the streets.  Instead of just blaming the government for all the key issues undertaken by Modi regime, the opposition can come forward and help the people on the streets. The businessmen and bureaucrats are having sufficient small notes under their kitty and can disburse some cash through its business outlet at least for their known clients to ease out pressure. Banks are playing the pioneer role in bringing parity in distributing money and accepting receipts in a big way.  The present trend will continue till this month end and later on cash will be free flowing. Even though the position is alarming, we can find an amicable solution as the ruling and opposition party join hands in the interest of the country. As a matter of fact, demonetisation measures undertaken by the government has given a clear indication that the steps taken are yielding results across the border and making the terrorists run for the cover.

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