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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Two players approached by bookies in this IPL, says Sunil Gavaskar

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The interim president of BCCI-IPL Sunil Gavaskar on Thursday admitted that two cricketers were approached by the bookies and the matter has been reported to the Anti-Corruption and Security Unit officials (ACSU).

Asked if players have been approached during this year`s IPL, Gavaskar replied, “There have been a couple and it`s been reported to ACU. They are looking into it.”

sunil-gavaskarThe Test legend also said that issue regarding Brendon McCullum being approached by the bookies is something to be concerned about but assured that no leak as far as confidentiality of cricketer`s discussions with ACSU has happened from IPL.

“I can assure you that the leak did not come from the IPL. I dont know where it came from. It`s an issue to be concerned. I`ve to say we have got an Integrity Officer (IO) attached with every team this time. It has made it a lot easier for players to communicate,” Gavaskar told the mediapersons.

“Sometimes players didn`t know what to do. Okay there was a number to contact. But a lot of people (players) were thinking if you contact, does your number come under their list.

“The anonimity and confidentiality aspect was something the players were not sure about. Now with the IO attached to every team it has become a lot of easier. If there has been an approach, people go and tell the officer so that he takes it forward.”

Gavaskar, along with his colleagues in the IPL governing council are trying to chalk up an elaborate roadmap in order to help young and talented cricketers handle their nascent careers which is loaded with money and stardom.

“I called up Sachin, Rahul, VVS and Anil Kumble — the four legends of the game, may be only the second day after taking over. They are contemporary cricketers, they know the current pressures, tensions and situations. We had a tremendous interaction. One of things came through, a lot youngsters need to be guided how to go about handling their careers,” Gavaskar stated.

“The fame that comes with the IPL suddenly, it`s a hugely covered event much more huge than Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy or Vijay Hazare,” Gavaskar said.

For him, this move is precisely being planned so that some of the talented youngsters are not left in the lurch without any proper guidance.

“Sometimes, a youngstes can get carried way, even an experienced can get carried away. Indian cricket could end up losing the youngsters. Or the youngster could end up losing valuable years till he realises that sport is a great leveller and can bring you down to earth very very quickly.

“In order to be able to take care of that a situation, that is what the BCCI exactly looking to do. We have to yet formulate the plan. This is just thinking of IPL GC which will go to the working committee of BCCI from there on it will take wings,” he said.

According to a source, “there could be scholarships for U-19 cricketers from a fund that will be created by IPL”.

However Gavaskar said that it is an ongoing process.

“This is an ongoing process I believe. Particulary, in the off-season, after this (IPL) for most of Indian players it will be an off season apart from those who selected for Indian team to England. May be, the odd player who go and play in the leagues in England.

“Majority of the players will be in India and that is the time we could have this ongoing programme. A call by BCCI will be taken very quickly to have the programme can get going.”

Gavaskar said that BCCI will also think about to how use the legends like Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, in order to raise the standards of the game.

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