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Urbanisation of the cities: Need of the hour

A ‘smart city’ is an urban region that is highly advanced in terms of overall infrastructure, sustainable real estate, communications and market viability. We need to have better planning to make our dream come true.  Availability of adequate parking space is the need of the hour as number of vehicles is plying on the roads.  With more and more heavy vehicles on the street, manoeuvring through the heavy vehicular traffic is a tough task. The major and foremost is the need for disaster management cell.  Disasters are inevitable, however human interventions in taking up precautionary measures will help in minimising the loss to a great extent. Clean and healthy neighbourhood is a blessing in disguise. Solid waste management through smart solutions to make roads clean and to ensure a healthy environment is considered as an important factor for smart cities. Recycling of waste will produce renewable energy, ensures safe disposal of solid waste, prevents soil and environmental pollution and reduces depletion of resources.  Green spaces will get a new dimension with new soft and hard landscape with WI-fi hot spots, which will be an interesting spot for citizens to relax, exercise and interact.  It also plays a major role in creating a healthy and sustained environment.  The city will have to take up the additional responsibility of providing quality education, dependable power supply, health consciousness, e-governance, affordable housing for poor, water supply and several other factors would be the centre of focus under the project. Smart city tag will bring cheers to the citizens of the country and we dream of becoming a place to behold in the world. The urbanisation of the cities is the need of the hour and the corporators must work hard in making our dream come true.

S. Abhishek Ramaswamy

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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