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Vigilance needed against online radicalisation: Rajnath

With 70 per cent increase in cases of cyber crime, Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday said security experts have to be vigilant against attempts at online radicalisation of Indian youth.

Inaugurating an information security conference — ‘Ground Zero Summit-2015’, the Home Minister said ‘cyber terrorism’ is a big danger in the world along with cyber crime.

“Today, due to technology and internet, a person living in a remote area can have access to such information by which he can indulge in an act of terror, despite not being associated with any terror group.

“Such forces are also active in the cyber space which work in the direction of radicalisation of youth. Cyber security experts need to be alert specially towards the online radicalisation,” he said.

The Home Minister said cyber world is the fifth dimension of security along with the earlier dimensions of security i.e. land, air, water and space.

Singh said crimes related to cyber world can be multi- layered, multi-locational, multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-legal, that’s why it is difficult to investigate and reach to the criminal.

He also expressed his concern over the increasing rate of cyber crime and related cases in the country.

“The cases related to cyber crime have increased by 70 per cent in the year 2014 as compared to 2013. There was an increase of about 64 per cent in 2013 as compared 2012,” he said.

The Home Ministry had recently said a Rs. 400 crore cybercrime control hub, to be called ‘Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre’ (IC4), will be set up to check cyber crime, including child pornography and online abuse, as per the recommendations of the committee.

One of the priorities of IC4 will be to check attempts by international gangs to penetrate Indian government’s official communication network and hack them.

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