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Waiter identifies Salman Khan, says he served drinks to his group

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It was another day for Salman Khan away from the studios. The actor made an appearance in the City Civil Session court this morning in connection with the 2002 accident case.
In what could be seen as more trouble for the actor, a steward, working in a bar of a five star hotel identified the superstar in the court. He told the court that Salman along with a group of friends had visited the bar a few hours before the accident involving the superstar had occurred on Hill Road, Bandra on the night of September 28, 2002.
The witness claimed that he had served Bacardi and cocktails to the group that had come with Salman on the accident night 12 years ago. However the waiter said he did not remember whether the actor had consumed drinks. The witness further added it would be difficult for him to say whether everyone in the group had consumed alcoholic drinks.
The star managed to hoodwink the waiting cameras at the main gate of the court as he entered from the back gate. The court hearing went on for a good hour-and-a half after which the court was adjourned till tomorrow.
Salman was accompanied by his sisters Alvira Agnihotri and Arpita Khan. His manager Reshma Shetty, his friend Pippy aka Prashant and his loyal bodyguard Shera were also seen accompanying him. In fact, Pippy and Shera stood right outside the witness box in which Salman stood.
Dressed in a dark blue jeans and a light blue denim shirt, with his hair neatly pulled back, the star looked visibly bored with chips down.
It was terribly hot inside in the courtroom, packed with perspiring attendees. Battling the heat, people could be seen wiping sweat trickling down their forehead. Salman was lucky as he had a ceiling fan, right above the witness box which he occupied for the one-and-a-half hour of his duration in the courtroom.
The gathered photographers could not get any pictures of Salman Khan even when he left the court premises as he was not seated in the front, next to his driver as he is usually. His friend Pippy sat in the front and Salman sat behind. Both the car windows of the back seat were shielded with a light gauze, which made it impossible for flashbulbs to photograph him.
One person was killed and four others were injured when Salman had allegedly rammed his car into a bakery shop on September 28, 2002.
Six witnesses have so far deposed in the re-trial, which would continue.

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