Woman alleges child swap at hospital, after given girl says gave birth to boy


A mother who claims she gave birth a boy filed a petition in Patna High Court alleging that the hospital swapped her new-born and asked her to go home with a baby girl instead.

Petitioner Soni Devi had moved HC last year in December claiming her child was swapped with another child at MGM hospital. She claimed she gave birth to a boy in Polo hospital on October 17, 2013.

After birth her child’s condition deteriorated because of which the baby was sent to Chandraprabha Child Care Centre. From there, the child was sent to MGM hospital where he stayed till November 5, she claimed.
However, on the day the baby was to be discharged the doctors gave Soni a girl. When she protested saying the baby girl was not her child, the doctors harassed her and drove her away, the report said.
Following the incident, she along with her husband filed an FIR on 5 November itself.

On Thursday, she produced a birth certificate that was issued to her by Polo hospital in Patna High court. It read that she had in fact given birth to a boy. She also produced a receipt that was given to her by MGM hospital which simply read “Baby of Soni Devi”.

The matter has been now been listed for hearing on March 12.