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Youth stand for Sunny Leone

However, Right wing demands deportation of Sunny and deny her entry into India.

SunnyThe Hindu Janajagruti Samithi’s decision to file complaint against actor Sunny Leone for promoting obscenity has not gone down well with Mumbaikars. According to them the outfit is merely blowing this issue out of proportion and they can’t dictate what viewers can watch. Today people have choice to stop viewing obscene content if they find it objectionable. It is difficult to monitor and block content online but viewers are mature enough to decide what they want to watch. They also alleged that HJS had itself watched the content online and is making a hue and cry over it. People are unhappy with fingers being pointed only against Sunny Leone as many Bollywood films have explicit content and audience are watching them.

Gagan Jattana, a security analyst told AV, “Why don’t HJS then vandalize the Khajuraho or Kamasutra? The problem lies in the head of these HJS people and their supporters. Sunny Leone doesn’t invite anyone to watch her demonstrations. Moreover, by deporting her, you can’t prevent her postings on internet. And also she is not the only one who is marketing sex. Why this vendetta against one particular person”?

rupal-mistryRupal Mistry (art director) said, “Sunny is a renowned porn star and is acting in Bollywood films. It is up to the viewers to judge whether they like her or not. HJS should look deeper into Indian history where Kamasutra and Indian draughtsman where openly portraying sex before complaining about Sunny Leone obscenity and inducing lust in young minds. Plenty of explicit material is available on website and HJS cannot just blame her. It is up to service providers to block it. So leave her alone. By banning one sunny you can’t assure that internet will be free of porn.”

Chitra-Wagh“As a mother to a 16 year old, I don’t find these things comfortable. Why these girls should be displaying their bodies. As a parent, it is hard to keep an eye on yours kids, as there are multiple ways of accessing the internet these days, how will we restrict them. I don’t support the HJS protest, but also don’t feel like endorsing the act done by these models or actresses”, said Chitra Wagh, NCP’s Mahila Morcha Mumbai president on personal grounds.

Naiyar-Imam-Siddique“Hope Hindu Janajagruti won’t be looking to earn some income from this controversy created by them. The complainant Anjali also belongs to film fraternity. People’s mindset are corrupt, imposing ban on mere Sunny Leone will not create any miracles” said Naiyar Imam Siddique.

Mohan-Sinha“Rapes, murders, abductions have become so rampant today but Mumbai police still have time to file charges and case against Sunny Leone for a website created in 2001!”said Mohan Sinha, Journalist and Blogger.

Purba-Ray“It’s easier to file a case against Sunny Leone for destroying Indian culture than file an FIR for rape. India is Great!” said, Purba Ray, Writer and Blogger.

The complainant had demanded the deportation of Sunny terming the porn actor’s website as one inducing lust in young minds.

Apurva Jani priest in temple said, “This is good move by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) but the list is very long. Not only Leone but people who surf those sites needs to be booked. Such obscene sites and vulgarity is not good for children. With this actress, those film directors too should be booked as they are casting her in Indian films for promoting nudity. They all collectively spread vulgarity for earning money. I request people to stop surfing such sites and avoid watching obscene films. It’s late but the move is right hope some good sense prevails.”

The complaint was submitted on Thursday at Dombivali police station by Anjali Palan, a member of HJS who claimed that while surfing the Internet, she came across several posts and pictures of the actor which according to her were “objectionable.”

“I have a 12 year old son, he watches TV there are trailers coming of her films, what if he goes on google and searches for her it will lead him towards her website” she said.

Dhuri“Since last two years, we have been demanding that there should be an act and censor against the people or websites promoting illicit content, but there is no seriousness within the government or police force. We will not go against the law or take it in our own hands, but we will fight this case. We have filed a complaint with the Thane police against the actress on IPC (sections 292, 292A and 293, the Information Technology Act (section 67), and the Indecent Representation of Women Act (section 3 and 4, prohibition of dissemination of indecent representation of women)” said Uday Dhuri, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS).

“I believe this will set an example for others who had indulged in these kinds of acts. It is not all of a sudden we thought about filing a case, but we also had raised objections against the film Jism 2 in which Sunny Leone acted as lead actress. We are not targeting her, but we are against all who are corrupting the minds of Indian youth and insulting the dignity of Indian women”, he added.

According to a police the offence has been registered against actor under the IPC sections 292, 292 A, 294 r/w 34 and provisions of Section 3 and 4 of Indian Representation of Women as well as Information Technology Act have also been slapped. HJS brought up Ms. Leone’s past where she worked in pornographic films and alleged that she was spreading pornography through her “nude photographs and videos” on her website. The cyber cell of the Thane Police is investigating the matter.

There was a news couple of days back, that stated Sunny Leone to be the top searched personality on Google since past 3 years, also putting Prime Minister Narendra Modi on second place. This is dangerous when youngsters and people are attracted towards and are searching for a personality who is famous for her obscene and vulgar appearance. She was a pornographic actress earlier, but when she entered into bollywood she did not stop updating her website, there are videos getting uploaded every week. Sunny Leone had stated in one of her interviews that 73 per cent viewer ship of her website is from India, this shows the attraction of our Indian youth. We have objected Deepika Padukone’s ‘MyChoice’, Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Nudity Clause’, hence we are targeting Sunny. Sunny is becoming a well settled actress with series of her films releasing, how can she promote this kind of act?

Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner KL Prasad said, “If her website is illicit, why are you logging on it?”

“Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and all other organization will continue to protest against this issue. We have also started an online campaign to send a letter to PM” said Sandeep Shinde spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha.

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