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7 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Guy

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Valentine-DayGifting something special to your guy on Valentine’s Day can be a little tricky. Guys are usually not so forthcoming or peculiar about what they want as a gift. But that does not mean they don’t love them. So what to get for them? Well, let us make your task easy by telling you about the gifts your guy secretly desires. Chocolates, roses or soft toys are a complete no-no; they only prove that you have not put too much thought into your gifts. If you want to give him the perfect gift, get something which is really thoughtful. Here are few gift ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your guy.

Sports memorabilia

Is your boyfriend a sports freak? Then you can gift him the sports memorabilia of his favourite team. His favourite team’s jersey or an autograph of his favourite player will definitely make him go over the moon. You can easily find sports memorabilia from various auction sites. So, start bidding in advance. If sports memorabilia is out of your reach, then you can gift him match tickets or an annual subscription to his favourite sports magazine.


Guys love to be pampered just like girls. So, gift him a high end perfume which he has been lusting after for ages. Try to figure out his taste, the perfume notes he prefers his favourite brand and make your choice accordingly. If you don’t like his choice of perfume, then you gift him something which you think will make him smell good. Ask a buddy of his to tag along so that he can help you make a good choice.

Luxury pen

Gift your guy the experience of writing with luxury. High end pens like Mont Blanc and Pierre Cardin can make any guy swoon. Fountain pens are really fashionable and are symbolic of good taste and sophistication.


Guys love gadgets and they secretly desire for them. You don’t need to break your bank account by gifting your boyfriend a high priced gadget; you can give him something quirky and fun. Water based alarm clock, a USB drive in the shape of his favourite super hero or a new set of stylish headphones will definitely make him happy.

Fun things

Try for things that are a little different and fun. Colourful shot glasses with crazy captions, stylish bottle openers and even stoppers, a kama sutra card set, a good swiss knife, darts game or a tool kit are some of the fun things which will make your guy’s face light up with delight.


By chocolates we don’t mean those cheap gifts packs that are available in supermarkets. Your chocolates need to be a little hatke. Premium dark chocolates stuffed with paan, chilly, saunf or barfi can really tingle his taste buds. If your guy is not too adventurous about his food, then you can gift the traditional chocolates with praline and nuts filling.

Homemade goodies

If you really cannot afford to gift your guy something expensive, then whip up something for him at home. Show him that even you can be a domestic goddess by making chocolate chip cookies. Put them in a tin and write a cute note to him. You can also create personalised gift cards for him with ‘gifts’ such as giving him the T.V. remote for an hour, breakfast in bed, not making annoying noises in between his favourite match, giving him a kiss whenever he demands and so on. He can redeem these gift cards whenever he likes and you can surprise him all through the year.

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