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Blood of Pope John Paul II stolen for ‘satanic’ purposes?

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Pope-John-Paul-IIEven as the police continue to look for the missing reliquary which had the blood of late Pope John Paul II and was stolen from a small church in Italy, the Italian Anti-Plagiarism Observatory has reportedly expressed fears that Satanic sects could be behind the theft.

The head of the Anti-Plagiarism Observatory, Giovanni Panunzio, has said that the time period between January 20-27 holds high importance in Satanic calendar and is considered favourable for “abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of a sacrificial victim for Candlemas”, as per a news report.

Apart from the gold reliquary, a crucifix was also found to be missing when the theft was discovered on Sunday.

The speculations are being made as despite having enough time, the thieves only took the reliquary and crucifix, leaving other items of high value untouched.

Polish born John Paul died in 2005 after reigning for over two decades.

John Paul loved the mountains and his blood was given to the church by his former private secretary, Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz.

The value of the stolen reliquary is set to increase manifold as John Paul II is set to be canonised by Vatican on April 27.

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