Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Clinton leads Trump by 7 Pts in One Poll, trails in another

She was ahead in the Northeast by 58 per cent to 34 per cent and in the West 52 per cent to 37 per cent, the polls said.

Clinton leads Trump-AV

However, in the right-leaning Rasmussen polls, Clinton for the first time is seen trailing Trump, albeit by just one percentage point.

Trump has 40 per cent support to Clinton’s 39 per cent, Rasmussen said.

As per, which keeps tracks of all major national polls, Clinton is leading Trump by 4.9 percentage points in the average of all major polls.

The 2016 US presidential elections will be held on November 8. Trump and Clinton are the two major candidates.

Clinton (68) is aiming to break the highest glass ceiling in the US by becoming the first woman to be elected as its president.

Seventy-year-old Trump is a real estate billionaire from New York and a realty television star who joined politics only about a year ago.

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