Thursday, June 17, 2021
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E-auctioning: A tactics to loot citizens

E-Auctioning of registration number of vehicles and E-Auctioning of premium train tickets are extortionist measures adopted by the government to loot citizens in broad daylight. Premium rail tickets at times are sold at exorbitant rates even more than those of airfares while vehicle numbers auctioned for hefty amount due to foolish odd-even dates for vehicles on road are illegal means to rob citizens by the authorities.

We vote and elect governments for governance and not to rob us of our rights. Policies that affect the poor citizens of the country needs to be debated in public before they are made into laws and policies. Technology like e-auctioning and other online registrations should be used to facilitate and simplify procedures to help people and not made into a tool to extract money from citizens in an unlawful manner.

The constitution has given certain rights to the citizens and courts need to intervene whenever there is a breach of these fundamental rights to protect the people from being taken for a ride. The government too should improve efficiency rather than adopt silly tactics to extract money from people to run the country!

S.N. Kabra

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