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‘Epic Reunion’, Tweets Amjad Ali Khan After Getting Back ‘Lost’ Sarod

Amjad-Ali-Khan-SarodLegendary musician Amjad Ali Khan’s Sarod, misplaced in a British Airways flight, has been found and returned.

“Epic Reunion!!! BA delivers my Sarod. Thank you all for your prayers and love, especially the media for their kind support. My soul is back!” Mr. Khan tweeted after getting back his instrument of 45 years.

It was an angrier tweet from him on Monday morning that drew attention to his lost Sarod.

Mr. Khan and his wife, who took a flight from London to Delhi on Saturday, spent long hours at the airport as British Airways officials searched for the instrument in the baggage and finally assured them that it would be delivered to them as soon as they tracked it down.

On Monday, the 68-year-old sent a virtual SOS to the media and tweeted, “After damaging my Sarod in 1997, British Airways now misplaces my Sarod. 48 hours and I still wait anxiously for some news. Still not traced!!!”

Mr. Khan played the Sarod, which he has named “Ganga”, on June 21 while performing at a tribute to Rabindranath Tagore in Darlington near London.

“At the airport there, I took my Sarod and handed it over to the man and said, please take care of this…it’s my life,” Mr. Khan said.

“We landed in Delhi in the middle of the night and they kept looking for the Sarod. They spotted a golf kit and said this is your instrument. We waited three-four hours…They promised that my Sarod would arrive in the next flight. But it has been 48 hours,” he said, questioning how such a “big airline could be so careless”.

In a statement, British Airways cited “intermittent problems” with the baggage system at a terminal in Heathrow. “We are working round the clock to reunite customers with their bags. We are very sorry that this process is taking longer than anticipated, and we fully understand the frustration that this is causing,” said the airline.

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