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Kangana the trespasser in the Bollywood industry

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Indian Walk of Shame, the latest is Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut. A self-pronounced frontrunner of the fight against nepotism has recently been quite vocal, dismissing depression as a real problem among other things. She displayed bogus sympathy for Sushant Singh Rajput’s death because she got a chance to settle her scores against film personalities. She carried her agenda with the support of followers and one particular news channel. To be in limelight she took sides but didn’t ever go to Sushant’s funeral or met his family. As a matter of fact, she denied a movie with him when he was alive. She always played a victim card and posed herself a fearless actress but in reality, she feels scared in spite of having Y-plus security. Her venomous attacks and substandard vendetta got exposed time and again. She created needless hullabaloos by taking names. In a press conference before the release of Manikarnika, she unnecessarily blamed Ranbir Kapoor for not speaking about politics. Its Ranbir Kapoor’s own choice to speak about politics in public or not. Ranbir is a big star and a very good actor that’s why to be in fame she blamed him. She always blames nepotism but never did anything for outsider struggling actors. She even announced grades for Tapsee Pannu (an outsider). A lady with a loose mouth nothing but a TRP drove political tool for a party that lost power in the state on a humiliating note.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Bollywood stood in solidarity with CM Uddhav Thackrey by declaring him best CM of Maharashtra and Mumbai Police and other administrative authorities. This didn’t go well with the opposition party BJP; they used Kangana like actors and raked various issues to create unrest state and flopped in their agendas. Kangana spewed venom at all those Bollywood actors and directors who supported CM Uddhav. Gradually, she became the face of Sushant Singh Rajput’s justice tale, as Bihar elections are on the card. Finally, Rakhi Sawant like actors came in support of the government and Bollywood and shamed Kangana. On the other hand, it was not easy for Kangana to take on Shiv Sena and its leaders. She was digging her own grave with meaningless bombardment.

When I first saw Kangana in Gangster, I thought she is a good actress. She looked very innocent and humble in all her interviews at the beginning of her career. Very next day her link up with Aditya Pancholi and break up both made headlines, and I thought he used her, and being a novice in the industry he was subjugated by him. She later went ahead and complained that Aditya assaulted her and kept her under house arrest. She also said that she was 17 at the time and he was of her father’s age and he hit her on the head. When asked about the official complaint, she said she has filed a police complaint against him but cops did not entertain her complaint.

Then came the news of her relationship and break up with Adhyayan Suman. After some time she claimed her relationship with Hrithik Roshan and saw various interviews. She was abrupt in attacking Roshans. The media gave her enough publicity and space. Gradually that matter went in cold storage because she was shown her place in these false accusations. During Rangoon film, she called out on nepotism. That was one brave step and everyone applauded her. Soon after that, she started playing the victim card; since nepotism really existed people supported her. Later on, she went on targeting all successful celebrities. She gathered enough limelight.

Not many know this, but earlier she used to make posts on Twitter but in the name of her sister Rangoli_chandel. Her sister and the entire family thrive on her money and they are scared to raise their voice against the dominant, rude, and arrogant Kangana Ranaut. Kangana’s sister Rangoli is her business manager. If anyone criticizes her film, she labels him or her anti-national. She keeps on overweening that she is a national hero just because she played the role of Rani Laxmi Bhai. She played with the minds of people and conditioned them to believe that the one criticizes her is anti-Modi because she supports him or she talked about nepotism. Nepotism exists in Bollywood and it is ubiquitously. Nepotism might help in getting entries in Bollywood but ultimately it is their acting ability, the talent that decides whether they succeed or not. Karan Johar or movie mafias do not decide it. The same Karan Johar has cast an outsider Tara Sutaria, Bhumi, and many more actors in his different movies. Also, just because nepotism exists here, it doesn’t mean that outsiders are not allowed or outsiders don’t become successful. Look at Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh, Deepika; they are not products of nepotism but the outsiders who are successful and even more successful than Kangana. No doubt she is one good actress, but full of ego, lies, arrogance, and most importantly thankless, uses woman card, victim card, plays on patriotic sentiments, and goes beyond limits to fulfill her vendetta. After all the drama, TRP, political vendetta she left Mumbai (I don’t think permanently) making a sentimental post to invoke the sentiments of her followers, but this time no one took her seriously. The bubble that she created is busted now. hope she learns something with time and preserves the good actress in her.

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