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Maharashtra Doctors – Expose false claims on COVID-19 medication

Fake Medicine for Coronavirus, fake medicine, corona, coronavirus, coronvirus outbreak, coronavirus medicine,medicine, afternoon voice, corona patientsAn Ayurveda practitioner was booked by Mumbai police for allegedly offering ‘antidotes’ to cure COVID-19.  Dr Subhashchandra Yadav (39) from Nallasopara (E) was offering the cure in three doses of Rs 100 each. Another Ayurveda doctor Sarwar Khan was booked by Valiv police for putting up a board outside his clinic that read ‘Corona flu preventive medicine available.’ Meanwhile, many reputed doctors of Mumbai were seen circulating pamphlets on homeopathic medicines for free to prevent COVID-19. All of them gave reference of the Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH). The Ministry of AYUSH, Central Council for Research in Homeopathy (CCRH) swung into action and its experts discussed the ways and means of prevention of Coronavirus infection through homoeopathy in the meeting of its Scientific Advisory Board on Jan 28 this year. Later, it issued an advisory based on the Indian traditional medicinal practices of Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unani in an effort to keep the Chinese virus at bay. But, so far there is no scientific authentication to these medicines. Well! amid this scam mongering some responsible doctors of Maharashtra especially Mumbai are determinedly trying their best to create awareness among people.

After these arrests’ Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi, M.D, First Antiaging Physician in India appealed to the medical fraternity and practitioners stating that they should avoid such misguiding practices. He also urged city doctors to stay away from making any claims about the treatment and/or prevention of Corona COVID-19 through any magic remedy (including vitamins, minerals, onions, garlics, sunlight, Ayurvedic products, homeopathic products, Immunity Boosters or whatsoever).

While speaking to Afternoon Voice Dr. Chaturvedi said “We, as a medical fraternity have to be careful before advising anything because people take these advises seriously and some even follow the same. The first and foremost job of a doctors is to create awareness but not take advantage of a situation for their medical practices.” He further stated, “I would want to extend my request to the population not to get carried away by any claims and assurances given by anybody. Ask for scientific evidences. Don’t get overconfident if you are taking such treatments. Most importantly, don’t pay for such treatments claiming to give you prevention and treatment against Corona COVID-19 infection.”

Dr Anshuman Manaswi, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon said, “As of today, there are NO ANTIDOTES for COVID-19. Only precautions can help prevent it. Social distancing and Hand Hygiene is the most effective. Worldover, swift research is happening to find some medicine for this and some medicines are being found to be effective. But it is best left to qualified people to treat the Coronavirus. If an antidote becomes available, both the Government and the Medical bodies will only be too happy to announce it and give guidelines.”

Dr Mukesh Batra, Founder – Dr Batra’s Clinics was one of the Doctors of Mumbai who circulated pamphlets on free medication of COVID-19 prevention. His clinics were overcrowded with medicine receivers. When asked what was the reason for this circulation, he said, “That is recommended by AYUSH ministry as preventive. We were distributing their recommendations free for the benefit of people who wish to avail of it. It is given by qualified doctors of my medical centre.”

“People especially medical professionals should use this time to help their fellow human beings and not to increase their business. They should work in tandem with the government bodies and provide the necessary assistance accordingly. We at Dr Batras have been providing all citizens with free doses of Ars Alb 30 as prescribed by the AYUSH ministry since February 15. We will continue to make the doses available across all our clinics in India till March 31 for anyone who wishes to collect the same. In a time such as this, we need to come together,” he added.

The Group of Experts inter-alia has recommended that homoeopathy medicine Arsenicum album 30 could be taken as prophylactic medicine against Coronavirus infection which has also been advised for prevention of ILI. It has recommended one dose of Arsenicum album 30 daily in empty stomach for three days. But still Coronavirus has reached stage two in India.

Dr Suresh Sanghvi Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon said, “Medicine for COVID-19 as of today does not exist. Selling or distributing free medicine for Corona without any scientific proof is mockery of medical practices.”

Skin Specialist and Dermatologist Dr Rashmi Shetty said, “Don’t panic. It’s always the case. Whenever you panic, you end up taking quick rash and wrong decisions. So there is no need to panic. India is handling Coronavirus cases well so are the doctors in India. So please go to only the doctors who are authorised by the government. There are private doctors too like your family doctor. They will give you the right advice. Don’t go to anyone who think that they have quick cure to Corona. There are none yet. They are trying various types of combination which are giving good results, but please go to a legit doctor or institution and stay safe.”

Dr Aneruddh Ambekar, Orthopedic, Lifelline Hospital said, “Vaccination or any treatment is fake news, these are all marketing strategies to achieve fame. This should not be promoted if at all any such treatment is available it should come from government and then private doctors can practice otherwise no.”

Dr Parag Telang Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon said, “It is sad that even when we as a country are grappling with a deadly pandemic, selfish people are looking to make quick a buck or quick name! They should be dealt with strictly to curb such practices.”

Dr Anil Patil MD from GS Medical College, KEM Hospital said, “From where has this Corona come and what will it do? Few years ago, SARS epidemic had occurred. During that time, I had said that SARS won’t cause any harm and the same thing happened. Children die due to Influenza and Pneumonia and attention should be paid towards these diseases. Who will address the actual problems of Indians like Tuberculosis, Malaria, respiratory infections. Coronavirus does not transmit through air. If it falls on metal surfaces, then it can stay alive for 12 hours. It cannot survive beyond 26 to 27 degree centigrade.”

Dr Yashashri, Nodal officer for COVID-19 in Mumbai said, “Coronavirus is a group of virus and it was already existent in the world. In Wuhan, there were 40 to 41 cases of Pneumonia but nobody could ascertain it occurred because of which virus. Coronavirus is not airborne. It occurs due to the droplets coming out of nose and mouth while sneezing. When a person comes in contact with these droplets and touches his nose and mouth then he is liable to be infected with Coronavirus. The symptoms of Coronavirus include fever, respiratory problems, feeling tiredness, vomiting.”

Dr. Bhakti M. Vanjara General Practitioner said, “Don’t believe and forward such rumours about treatment of COVID-19.Whomsoever claiming that they have treatment for it ,  might be just saying about prophylactic medicines which would work as prevention but not as a cure. As in Ayurveda and Homoeopathy there are some medicines which can improve and boost your immune system and prevent from infections. Ayurvedic medicines like haldi, ginger, holy basil are very commonly used herbs which are helpful for preventing many bacterial, fungal and viral infections as well. Even in Homoeopathy, there are a few medicines which have symptoms similar to Corona. There are no scientific trials available for Ayurveda, Unani, homeopathic or any other treatment of Coronavirus disease– COVID-19. If anyone claims with results, they should come forward, prove results on Covid-19 positive patients and help the community. But spreading rumours about treatment should not be entertained in such war-like situation.”

Dr Gurjot Marwah, Dermotologist, Cosmetologist & hair Transplant Surgeon averred, “Novel Coronavirus has been recently declared as a pandemic by the WHO. It’s the responsibility of each citizen to take care of themselves. If you’re showing symptoms of any flu, and visit a qualified doctor (MBBS,M.D,DNB). Please avoid going to quacks who make unnatural claims.”


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