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Married BARC scientist arrested for allegedly raping woman

A scientific assistant of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Tarapur has been arrested for allegedly raping a woman from Malad by luring her into ‘marriage’ since January 2014, through a marriage website.

The man allegedly promised her marriage and had sexual relations with her in his official residence in Tarapur from January 2014 until June 2014, but she complained to the Tarapur police station which arrested the man, who has been sent to police custody.

Anirudh Sehgal (37), who stayed in Block Number 69/3, Type B in the BARC Colony, Tarapur, was already married in 2012, but his wife stays in Kota, Rajasthan to attend to his aged parents, assistant police inspector Durgesh Shelar of the Tarapur police station.

Sehgal registered himself with a marriage website and statd in his profile that he is a bachelor, after which the woman from Malad (35) befriended him, and he promised her marriage.

Sehgal also visited her residence and gained her mother’s confidence, after which he permitted the alliance, the police official said.

The woman and her mother even visited the BARC campus to verify Sehgal’s employment status and was happy that her daughter would be married to a good man, the police official said.

After gaining her confidence, Sehgal told the woman to visit him alone in BARC Colony for some private time.

The woman visited his official residence where Sehgal insisted on sexual relations after promising marriage, the police said.

Soon, the woman came to know that Sehgal was already married, but Sehgal would threaten her that he would post their private moments on the internet if she did not give into his demands and continue to have sex with her in his residence, the police said.

However, unable to bear it anymore, she complained to the police on Saturday and Sehgal was arrested under Section 376 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code.

He was produced before the Palghar court on Sunday, after which he was remanded to police custody until June 27, the police said. The accused is likley to be suspended by the BARC, for the incident, BARC sources said.

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