Two little girls write 30 rules for future boyfriends. And they’re not even 10 yet

It’s never too early to give a thought to what boxes your future boyfriend should be able to tick. Two little American girls, wise beyond their years, have drawn up a list of 30 boyfriend rules it’s hard to argue with. Huffington Post’s ‘cute kid note’ says six-year-old Blaire likes to think of pop star Justin Bieber as her ‘future boyfriend.’ Nine-year-old Brooke is pickier, dismissing Bieber as always getting into trouble.

Since Twitter and Facebook haven’t got to the under-10s-going-on-30 yet, the list is topped by ‘nice hand writing.’ Qualities the future paragons must possess range from the very profound ‘listen’ to the gravely rational ‘respect different religens (sic)’ to the absolutely adorable ‘last name not weird.’

You know Blaire and Brooke mean business when they say they want to “marry someone who respects you,” “eats healthy,” “has a good job,” “makes you laugh” and is “always happy.”

Appearances are important too. Rule #2 is “cuteness” and “dresses well” follows close behind. What’s more, there’s to be “no kissing on first date.”

These are absolutely not allowed, boyfriends-in-waiting please note: “don’t pick your nose,” and “doesn’t tatle tale (sic).”

And because even at six and nine you need to be mindful of what your future self is going to live on, there’s “has a good job,” and with a smidgeon of feminist foresight, “likes YOUR job.”