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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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US help sought to prevent rights violations against Pak

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Supporters of the Muttahida Quami Movement held a peaceful protest in front of the White House seeking intervention of the Trump administration over the alleged human rights violations against the Muhajir community in Pakistan.

The term ‘Muhajir’ is used to describe the Urdu-speaking immigrants who left India in 1947 and came to Pakistan. A large chunk of them settled in the Sindh province.

As part of the series of demonstrations across America, the demonstration in front of the White House was attended by MQM’s Coordination Committee members, Shahid Mustafa and Rukunuddin Taj, along with the Central Organiser of MQM USA, Rehan Ibadat.

Pakistan’s financial hub, Karachi has been surrounded by the Taliban and could fall into the hands of extremist forces, Ibadat said.

The MQM leader alleged that Pakistan has failed to upheld and provide justice to 70 million Muhajirs residing in Karachi and urban Sindh, as well as failed in its commitment to global peace.

The demonstrators held banners and placards urging Pakistan to uphold the basic principles of freedom of speech, and to allow citizens to live their lives as per their free will.

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