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62-year-old man suspects 55-year-old wife of infidelity, kills her ruthlessly

In a shocking incident reported from a remote village in Agra, a 62 year-old man ruthlessly murdered his 55 year old wife whom he suspected of infidelity.

He slit her throat and then repeatedly hit her with an iron rod 20 times till she died on the spot. He even tried to cut her body into pieces. After committing the crime, he locked the house and fled.
Dunger Singh had a fight with Ramvati at 11 pm on Thursday when their daughter-in-law and grandchildren were also present in the house. As the argument heated up, Dunger Singh ordered the daughter-in-law to lock herself into the room with her kids.

They could hear Dunger Singh thrashing Ramvati, however at 4:30 am in the morning, the altercation stopped and the daughter-in-law and kids, without checking what had happened, went off to sleep.
Next morning, when she came out of the room, she saw her mother-in-law lying in a pool of blood and found that they had all been locked up in the house. She shouted for help after which neighbours called the police.

Dunger Singh was reportedly insecure about Ramvati for many years and wouldn’t allow her to stand even at the doorstep. If he ever saw her standing on the doorstep, he would thrash her till she fell unconscious.

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