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69-year-old priest contests elections to stop cow slaughter

For Fakkad Baba, winning an election has become a spiritual necessity!

The 69-year-old priest in Galteshwar temple has contested 15 elections, both parliamentary and assembly, till now on the directions of his guru who has predicted that cow slaughter will end only if a ‘Go Bhakt’ (cow protector) is elected either to Vidhan Sabha or Lok Sabha.

This is Fakkad Baba’s eighth consecutive attempt at the Lok Sabha polls as an Independent.
“My spiritual teacher had advised me to contest Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections as slaughtering of the cow would not stop unless a ‘Go-Bhakta’ is elected,” he says.

He feels that like schools, the government should also open ‘goshalas’ to protect the cow and charge nominal money for people to keep their cattle.

Fakkad Baba, who covers his constituency on his moped ‘Vickky’, says he is committed to contest elections till the miserable condition of cows improves.

Interestingly, in every election, he is the first to file his nomination.

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