Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Bhandup building collapse incident

BMC officials had issued public notices asking the inmates of the ill-fated building in Bhandup to evacuate and look for alternative accommodation. The dilapidated condition of several buildings in Mumbai is causing concern for residents. It is time to reconstruct these unsafe buildings or it may cause disaster during severe rains. The water soaking during monsoon rains in these buildings is causing dampness and the chances of those structures coming down are very high.  To avoid human loss and loss to the property, BMC has served notice well in advance. Now, it is up to the residents to vacate their buildings and relocate to other areas. It is time for 1000 unsafe building residents to evacuate and give their buildings for reconstruction so that they can get possession of their homes by next monsoon season and avoid the embarrassment of shifting at short notice. In the past we have seen many building collapse incidents occurring during rainy season in Mumbai. Residents should not stay in dilapidated buildings and risk their lives by not following the instructions of BMC. It is time to make a final call.

Jayanthy. S. Manaiam

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