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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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BJP launches ‘chargesheet’ attack on Congress-led UPA

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Even as the country awaits the release its poll manifesto, the BJP on Friday released what it called ‘BJP’s chargesheet on Congress led UPA’.

The voluminous document lists outs charges against the UPA government, accusing it of being an all round failure in the ten years it has been in power. The BJP said the UPA will be remembered as the “most corrupt government of India”.

In all the chargesheet lists out nine charges against the UPA.

Compromising the dignity and integrity of the office of Prime Minister
The chargesheet says Dr Manmohan Singh worked more like the CEO of a company where the board was headed by Sonia Gandhi with Rahul Gandhi as her deputy.

Dr Manmohan Singh made all compromises to remain in office and one does not come across a single case when he made decisive intervention to prevent loot of public money in a series of scams which became the defining feature of his government, is said.

Sonia and Rahul will have to share the blame equally as they wanted power without accountability, the BJP alleged.

Destruction of Indian economy

The NDA government had left the economy at a robust 8.4% GDP growth level but the UPA government systemically destroyed each and every component of the economy, the

The UPA government failed to control price rise and generate employment.

An endless saga of scam and corruption

The chargesheet lists out all the scams that occurred during the UPA’s tenure. From the 2G scam to the Adarsh scam, the list also has corresponding loss to exchequer figures – based on CAG and media reports.

Serious challenges to national security
The BJP said the UPA was found wanting in delivering requisite response to matters related to national security.

Issues like border violations by China, threat from Pakistan, failure to counter Jehadi terrorism, internal security concerns including that of women’s safety are also part of the chargesheet.

Vote bank politics has seriously compromised the fight against terror, it added.

Failure in foreign policy
The BJP blamed the UPA for India’s waning geo-political clout in its neighbourhood . “We have lost goodwill of each of our neighbours,” it said.

Neglect of development of North-East
Highlighting that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh represents Assam in the Rajya Sabha. The chargesheet said that not a single major industry has been established in the state in the last ten years.

It also questions the UPA’s government’s track record on preventing infiltration from Bangladesh.

Education and Healthcare

The BJP claimed that the UPA government provided least importance to these sectors. The government cut down on the grant to health ministry by 20.6%.

Undermining institutions

The BJP chargesheet alleges that the UPA had systematically compromised sanctity and integrity of institutions like the CAG and the CBI.

Failure of manifesto

Congress failed on the promises made in its manifesto like ‘zero tolerance towards terrorism’ and high level of defence preparedness, the chargesheet said.

“The UPA government has been a disaster for the country. It has left a legacy of suffering, agony, disappointment and hopelessness for the people of India,” the chargesheet concluded.

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