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Centre to develop Doyang Lake for bird watchers: Prakash Javadekar

Doyang Lake in Nagaland, famous as a roosting site for longest travelling raptors Amur Falcons, will be developed as an eco-tourism spot for bird-watchers, Environment Minister Prakash ​Javadekar today said.

“Centre will soon develop Doyang Lake area as eco-tourism spot for bird-watchers to have a wonderful and rare sight of Amur Falcons, which come to roost every year at Doyang lake during their flight from Mongolia to South Africa,” the Minister, who was enthused by the sight of millions of Amur falcons in just 30 minutes of his visit, said.

With two of the three Amur falcons tagged with satellite tracking chips last year returning to Nagaland, the Minister declared that four or five other birds from other roosting in Nagaland will also be tagged.

The two falcons – named Naga and Pangti tagged in 2013 have already made two rounds from Mongolia to South Africa via Nagaland and have again returned to Nagaland this year.

The Minister said, “Today, the world has recognised Pangti village in Nagaland as the world’s Amur Falcon capital, as more than one million birds can be seen in just 30 minutes. It is a very rare and exciting sight.”

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