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Chaos at Narendra Modi rally in Gaya, shoes thrown at cops

Modi-Gaya-shoes-copsChaos erupted at Narendra Modi’s rally in Gaya, Bihar, minutes before he arrived.

The trouble reportedly began when crowds surged into an enclosure meant for the media.

The police failed to manage a large crowd that tried to push through barricades and even broke some of them.

Shoes, bottles and stones were hurled at the police. The police had to use batons to control the crowd.

The commotion continued till Mr. Modi started addressing the crowd, which then started cheering.

In October, a series of bombs exploded just before Mr. Modi was to address a rally at Patna’s Gandhi Maidan.

The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate went ahead with his speech despite being asked by security agencies to cancel the rally.
Acknowledging the massive turnout, Gujarat Chief Minister said, “What I am seeing today is not like a usual election rally. There are people as far as I can see.”

He asked the people of Gaya to herald change, and said, “Seeing this rally I can say that the days of Bharat Vijay are here.”

Modi said, “Those sitting behind closed doors are spreading lies. I request them to please come here and see this ground.”

He asked the crowd, “You tell me who will form a government in Delhi,” eliciting loud response of “BJP” from them.”

“In the last decade was there any change in your lives? Did women safety improve,” he asked he crowd to loud “Nahi (no) from them.

And said, “What is the value of the Government that cannot give you anything?”

Referring to the serial blasts in Bodh Gaya, Modi said, “(JDU says) Let there be bombs, let people die but my chair must remain. This attitude has ruined Bihar and India. Sadly the Government here was not bothered about what happened in Gaya. Their sole worry is not to disturb their vote-bank politics.”
“There should be no terrorism and terrorists must be punished but can those sitting in Delhi & Patna do this,” he asked.

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