Congress makes big promises, focuses on social sector in Rahul Gandhi’s manifesto


Perhaps for the last time Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed a joint press conference from the Congress headquarters on Akbar Road. It is a well known fact that even if the Congress led UPA returns to power, Manmohan Singh will not be the Prime Minister. The PM himself has declared that he will not seek a third term. Even if the UPA loses this election, the trio won’t be sitting together. It’s all over for Manmohan Singh and because of that it was a rare occasion.

The brain behind the Congress manifesto Rahul Gandhi took on the main opposition BJP, attacked Narendra Modi and predicted that the BJP will lose the election.

Talking about the manifesto, he said, “It is a public manifesto based on the views and opinions gathered from the people from all walks of life across India. It was not prepared in a room behind closed doors. We want to keep both business community and common people together. Have taken and considered the views and demands of coolies at New Delhi Railway station, fishermen of Mumbai, tribals, middle class, educated and all. 90 per cent of the promises we made in 2009 have been delivered.”

The Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh also defended his 10 year long rule. He said, “Congress model is a real model. It has long term solutions. Congress record is visible to everyone who cares to look at it.”

The brain behind the Congress manifesto, Rahul Gandhi, took on the BJP, attacked Narendra Modi and predicted that BJP will lose the election.

He said that between 1999-2004, the BJP-led NDA government delivered just 6 per cent growth rate, the UPA-1 delivered 8.4 per cent record growth rate and the UPA-2 delivered 7.3 per cent growth rate. He hit back at Narendra Modi saying that we delivered more growth than our opponents.

Sonia Gandhi said, “We have done some great work. Harmony is must, not divisive politics. We will fight for the unity of India. This election for the Congress is importnant to keep constitutional fabric of the country intact. We will fight for unity. We will fight for the ideology which doesn’t divide.”

Talking about the manifesto she said, “For our opponents, manifesto is a vote getting weapon. For us it is a holy document.”

The manifesto has Rahul Gandhi touch. Most of his favourite ideas have been incorporated. He also took the centre stage at the manifesto release function. He once again stressed on making the country an inclusive society.

– The manifesto proves that the Congress is caught between its core ideology and the daily demands of real politics. Rahul Gandhi promised a huge investment in the infrastructure and job creation. He said that the party will also keep the interests of common people in mind before giving impetus to economy.

– Reservation for SC/ST and OBCs in private sector has been a very contentious issue and the party has promised it in the manifesto. It is likely to attract widespread criticism from the corporate sector. But, the BJP can’t oppose it openly as it can damage its vote base.

– The manifesto talks about anti-corruption bills. But, the massive corruption charges the government is facing make it look like a ‘one more poll promise’ without any real commitment.

– Right to health, right to pension, right to social security etc have always been parts of its core ideology.